Radiation – What You Can Do to Protect Yourself



by Monica Leal

The Fukushima crisis shows that we, as a planetary society, are in a very precarious position. Not just the Japanese, but everyone on the planet. Not just because of Fukushima, but because of nuclear power plants all over the world. Do a search and be astounded at how many nuclear power plants there are in your area…maybe even in your own back yard! There are several in Texas, but the highest concentration is along the east coast, from Georgia all the way up to New Hampshire.

Earthquakes can happen anywhere. This isn’t intended to be a political piece, but the sad reality is that, realistically, the whole planet truly is at risk for the effects of radiation from nuclear accidents.

Add to that, the accumulated radiation from cell phones, CT scans and other medical scans, x-rays, airplanes etc. and it’s no wonder that cancer is so prevalent. Children are the most susceptible, because of their rapidly multiplying cells.

What does this have to do with water? Everything! Ironically, or perhaps poetically, it is the Japanese who may have, unwittingly, given us the answer to the radiation exposure problem!

According to Dr. Atsuo Yanagisawa, “Usually people think of radiation as a lethal beam that comes beaming towards the body directly and damages the cells. However, that is completely wrong. Direct damage to the genes is only 20%. The remaining 80% happens when radiation hits water molecules, such as the water molecules inside our body, and when radiation hits those molecules, reactive oxygen is generated. Reactive oxygen harms the genes and cell membranes. That is 80% of total damage.”

Dr. Yanagisawa goes on to say: “That can be eliminated by antioxidant supplements such as vitamin C…Oxidative damage is the same as when metal goes rusty…A free radical is a molecule that steals electrons…The important point is to maximize the antioxidant potential within the human body…I recommend methods to improve the antioxidant potential as soon as possible…best is IV vitamin C.”

It is not really practical for us to get intravenous vitamin C on a daily basis, just in case we get hit with large amounts of radiation. But what if we could achieve the same effects, or perhaps even better effects, simply by changing the water that we drink?

Yes, it really is that simple! Electrolyzed Reduced Water (ERW) is the technical term for our Life Support Water. It is the most potent free radical scavenger there is! Free radical scavenging ability is measured in millivolts, and the technical name for it is Oxidation Reduction Potential, or ORP. A negative reading on an ORP meter indicates antioxidant action, while a positive number denotes oxidizing action. Whereas vitamin C measures about -55, Electrolyzed Reduced Water measures at least 10 times that amount! Readings may even reach -700 to -900 in some areas, depending on water source and flow. Here in San Antonio, last week I got a reading of -911 with my ORP meter.

While vitamin C is certainly a wonderful antioxidant, it simply makes no sense to chase it down with oxidizing water! That would be like taking 2 steps forward, 2 steps back. (And remember, all tap, bottled, filtered, distilled and reverse osmosis waters are oxidizing.)

Now consider these interesting research studies:

Department of Genetic Engineering, Soonchunhyang University: Electrolyzed Reduced Water protects against oxidative damage to DNA, RNA, and protein.

Institute of Cellular Regulation Technology, Graduate School of Genetic Resources Technology, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan: Electrolyzed Reduced Water scavenges active oxygen species and protects DNA from oxidative damage.

(These and other research documents available upon request.)

Merely purified water is assessed based on what is not in it; ie., which contaminants have been removed. In contrast, Electrolyzed Reduced Water is assessed based on its pro-active ability to neutralize free radicals. This is not merely ‘clean’ water but water that can have a huge impact on one’s health in noticeable, tangible ways.

We cannot completely control our exposure to radiation. But, knowing that 80% of the damage from radiation is from reactive oxygen (free radical) damage, and knowing that we can rapidly neutralize those free radicals simply by drinking electrically charged water, it behooves us to take preventative action now, rather than waiting for the next disaster to strike, or the next disease diagnosis.




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