Monica’s Story


My Kangen Water™ Story – Monica Leal

After being sickly my entire childhood, and having female problems as a young adult, I became a vegetarian, starting juicing, eating organic, consuming bluegreen algae and other superfoods, and completely turned my life around. Simplexity Health’s Super Bluegreen Algae , in particular, cleared up a lot of my health issues, and, during my 20s, I enjoyed vibrant health for the first time in my life! But, I then suddenly backslid, for no apparent reason. I had difficulty breathing, to the point of feeling like I was suffocating, and lived in constant fear of having heart failure. I also had heart palpitations, severe acid reflux, chronic female infections, bloating, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), as well as severe, debilitating insomnia. Because of the insomnia, I also put on a lot of weight. I spent a fortune trying to figure out what was wrong with me, trying various various diets, supplements, and alternative practitioners, including acupuncturists, chiropractors, homeopaths, naturopaths, etc., as well as getting an EKG to check my heart, getting my blood tested for allergies, etc. But no one, whether alternative or allopathic, could figure out what the root cause was. I even tried a spiritual healer, who, incidentally, told me that my body was extremely acidic. (hmmm…I should have paid more attention to her back then.)

Finally, after visiting many various practitioners, trying many different therapies, and doing my own research, I concluded that my symptoms were all related to extreme mineral deficiency. Because of my clean diet and large amounts of mineral-rich superfoods, the only explanation I could find was the water I was drinking. At that time, many alternative health practitioners were recommending distilled water for rapid detox, and I’d been told it was the purest water and best to drink on a daily basis. However, I was disconcerted to learn that this is now actually quite controversial! Fifteen years of drinking distilled water, even with ionic minerals added back in for part of that time, took its toll on my health. I believe it nearly killed me! Many a night I suffered in terror, feeling that I was suffocating and that my heart was failing, with extreme bloating and debilitating insomnia. I also almost lost all my teeth, and had extreme bone loss in my 30s! I was a mess! (As an aside, during the time that I was searching for answers, my expensive distiller broke and flooded our garage twice during a 6-month period. I considered that a wake-up call.)  It has indeed been a journey, with lots of spiritual and emotional healing as well as physical!

Despite many supplements, juicing, powerful green superfoods (which had helped me before), etc. I could not seem to recover from the extreme mineral loss, even after I quit drinking the distilled water. I absolutely believe that the Super Bluegreen Algae and StemEnhance (concentrated extract of bluegreen algae) are what kept me alive during those difficult years…but not even the Algae was enough to completely address my problems. There was something missing!

My experience led me to investigate what is often overlooked in many health protocols – the WATER that we drink. (After all, it makes sense, being that our bodies are 75% water!)

A few years ago, when I realized that distilled water was detrimental, I shopped for a water purifier. I had read about alkaline water’s health benefits and it made sense, so I bought a Jupiter water ionizer, with high hopes.

Unfortunately, I never got any results from the Jupiter machine, and after just 2 1/2 years, it broke. It just quit outputting water, and had a severe leak. I had bought it from a distributor I’d found on the internet, but I didn’t remember the website address, and his phone # was no longer active, so I had no way of finding out whether the warranty was still active or whether it was even possible to have it fixed. There was no way to open the machine and see where it was leaking, so I trashed it.  Since I’d never noticed any difference drinking that water, I assumed that once again I’d be in search of a good quality water purifier of some sort.
During the time I was drinking the water from Jupiter machine, I developed a sharp pain in one of my ovaries. I would wake up in the middle of the night feeling like I had a knife stuck in me. I almost went to the ER, but didn’t because I knew they’d find something bad and insist on a hysterectomy. So I put off going. The pain was worse right before my cycle, so I suspect it was a cyst or fibroid. Also during this time, at age 48, I started going through menopause. I was experiencing hot flashes, irritability, increased insomnia, and erratic cycles. And, I was about to start coloring my hair because it was dull and about half grey.

Also during the time we were drinking the Jupiter water, my elderly dog developed severe arthritis to the point that he could barely walk. I had to pick him up and carry him outside in the morning to go potty. My husband and I would nudge him to see if he was still alive! He would grumble or even growl at us, because he was in pain, even though he was normally a sweet dog. He was also completely blind and mostly deaf. I didn’t know how old he was, since he was a rescue, but he had to have been at least 15. I didn’t want him to suffer, so I was about to have him put down.
My husband and I both suffered from gum disease, including deep pockets and bleeding gums. My husband also had dandruff, which he’d had for as long as I’d known him (25 years).

This is where we were at when we were drinking the Jupiter water. I’m not saying that the Jupiter water caused any of those things; but neither did it prevent them!

After my experience with the Jupiter breaking, I was a bit skeptical about water ionizers. There seemed to be a lot of fantastic claims about them, but no one in my family had ever noticed ANYTHING the entire time we were drinking the Jupiter water. So, I wasn’t exactly very open to the idea when my friend Doug sent me some info about the Enagic water ionizer. But, I try to always be open-minded, so I took the time to watch the videos on his website. I was amazed to learn that Enagic uses large, better-than-surgical-grade titanium plates coated with platinum, whereas the cheap brands use small, mesh plates made of food-grade titanium, which has metal alloys that leach into the water as the thin coating wears down. In addition, the Enagic was a much higher wattage machine, thus producing the micro-clustering, which alone is the subject of medical research. And, most importantly, Enagic has documented medical credentials, which the others allude to but do not document. In fact, Enagic is the only ionizer brand endorsed by the Japanese FDA, certified for use in over 400 Japanese hospitals and clinics, endorsed by over 7000 MD’s, and has ISO medical certification! This was huge to me. The other brands say they have ISO certification, but they only have ‘good manufacturing practics’ and not actual medical certification, which is a different ISO category.

I realized that it may very well have just been a huge difference in quality, and so I decided to take a chance and try Enagic’s medical model, even though it cost much more. Now, keep in mind that this was at a time when I had recently been laid off, and we were in dire financial distress! I had worked as a software engineer for many years, but I was unable to maintain a normal office job, because I couldn’t function at 8am when I often didn’t get to sleep until 4 or 5am. So we REALLY could not afford it! But, neither could we afford not to get it, as my health challenges were not getting any better.

I actually didn’t even expect the water to help with the heart problems or other issues. I really bought it as a cancer preventative. I was very worried about getting cancer, since I knew how acidic my body was, and cancer thrives in an acidic environment. Also, antioxidants have been proven to reduce the risk of cancer and slow down the aging process, and Kangen Water is the most powerful antioxidant one can put in one’s body, so I hoped that it would at least reduce the risk of cancer, so I wouldn’t have to worry about that on top of all my other problems!

So, rather than waste another $1400+ on another machine that did nothing for me, I decided to take a leap of faith and invest in what seemed to be the very best.

Within days of drinking the highly alkaline, mineral-rich, antioxidant water, constipation was gone, and heart palpitations decreased from about 20 times per day to only 3 times per day. I was able to fall asleep easily, for the first time in 10 years. My teeth literally regained some of  their bone mass before my very eyes (I could actually see the translucent areas becoming opaque!), my receded gums actually started growing back in some places (something my dentist had told me was impossible), and my husband’s and my gums stopped bleeding. I’m not saying our gums were 100% healed, but they were vastly improved. My husband’s hair has turned at least half black again (after being nearly all gray), and my own hair, which had been about 50% streaked with gray, has regained its golden blonde color, with only a scattering of gray strands left! Both my husband and I have more energy and a more positive outlook. After 2 months of drinking the Kangen Water™, the ovarian pain was GONE! After about 3 months of drinking the Kangen Water™, I began ovulating again (I was 48 and had not shown any indication of ovulating for several years – uh oh, gotta be careful now, ha!). What does this mean? What is going on in our bodies if our hair regained its color and my fertility was restored? I have not had a single female infection since I’ve been drinking the water. I had also suffered from severe IBS (bloating, constipation, and other digestive problems) for many years, and that is about 80% better. I used to be bloated all the time; now it only happens occasionally if I get really stressed or upset. And, most importantly, I am breathing more deeply and the heart palpitations are virtually  gone! I have also lost 15 pounds. (I still have a ways to go, but it’s a start!) I think I had probably been heading for diabetes, because I used to have tingling in my hands and feet. I was also constantly thirsty no matter how much I drank. That is now GONE. My knees and ankles no longer creak and pop when I exercise. The heals of my feet used to be extremely rough, dry and cracked – they are now smooth! Needless to say, my pH now tests neutral or slightly alkaline, after being acidic for many years, despite a mostly alkaline diet. And, I no longer wake up at night with acid reflux.

In addition, my elderly dog, who had severe arthritis and could barely walk, is now running around with the other dogs! I used to have to pick him up and carry him outside in the morning, but after just 2 weeks of drinking Kangen Water, he woke us up at 6am, prancing and ready to play! Also, his nose was completely gray before, but now the top of his nose is black again.

11-08 update: My elderly dog also had very cloudy, opaque eyes and was both blind and hearing impaired. When I called him, he usually didn’t hear me unless I yelled really loudly. The other dogs would come running but MidKnight would be oblivious. Then, after I yelled, he would get up and look past me like he couldn’t see me. Now, after almost 11 months on the water, his eyes are no longer cloudy! They seem to be getting clearer and clearer! He no longer looks disoriented, but looks right at me. He’s still deaf, but he has definitely regained his eyesight! He has a bounce in his step. He can see. He can play fetch. This dog is at least 16 years old. This is the dog I was about to have put down 11 months ago. I am certain that Kangen Water has added several years to his life, as well as relieve him of his pain.

08-09 update: My dog’s hearing is improving. He surprised me when I called the other dogs and he had his back to me, but he turned…he heard me!

10-12 update: MidKnight lived 4 more years. What is that in human years? Think about it. This water added 4 ½ years to my dog’s life! He never showed any more signs of pain, but had a wonderful quality of life until the last few months. I would have bought the machine just for him!

06-13 update: I used to get bronchitis every winter, and would be very sick for 3-4 weeks each time. This was in addition to several colds per year. I have not had even so much as a single cold in the 5 years I’ve been drinking Kangen Water. When the ‘swine flu’ was going around, my husband and I both felt a little ‘off’ one afternoon, but by the next morning it was gone. That’s it. It just never grabbed hold. Recently, my husband and I both discovered that we’d had dead, infected teeth for the past 20 years. He’d had a root canal which leaves the tooth dead and infected (See Root Canal Coverup by Dr. George Meinig), and I had an infection hiding behind a botched filling, which never showed up on dental x-rays. Both of those procedures were done about 20 years ago, and we’ve had chronic, systemic infections ever since, which takes its toll on the immune system. I now believe that the dental infections also contributed to our problems. It’s amazing that we got as incredible results from the water as we did, when we still had those dead teeth in our bodies! We both just got those dead teeth extracted, and that last 20% of digestive issues has completely cleared up for me. Another missing piece of the puzzle!

The alkaline/antioxidant water alone is, in my opinion, well worth the price of the machine. The high alkaline water (produced by our machine only) that removes pesticides is an added bonus. The low acidic water (also produced by our machine only) that kills E coli, salmonella, fungus, staph, MRSA, and other infections is an additional added bonus. I have also found the strong acidic water to be useful with my cats, who tend to sometimes come home with wounds. I now have a way to treat the wounds effectively.

Keep in mind, that for the previous 2.5 years, we were drinking the water from the Jupiter machine. It was during this time that my insomnia became very severe, our hair turned gray, I developed acid reflux and the ovarian cyst (or fibroid or whatever it was), and my dog went blind and developed arthritis. I am NOT saying that the Jupiter water caused those things, of course, but neither did it prevent them! So, even though many of the competitors claim that their water is as good as Kangen Water™, my experience was that their machine simply did not produce the results.

After these profound changes in my life, I could not help but tell other people. I bought the Enagic water ionizer because I was desperately seeking relief from my health challenges. I now feel compelled to tell the world about Kangen Water™!

more information contact Maia Nartoomid



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