Wellspring Island

video by Maia

I have started a new group in the virtual world of Second Life  – Wellspring for Water Consciousness. It focuses on the foundational element of  WATER .

Anyone in Second Life who wishes to join us in these weekly gatherings and other future developments of Wellspring Island, please contact me as “Starheart Erdhein” in-world.

My Wellspring Island in Second Life Blog


3 comments on “Wellspring Island

  1. Dear Starheart Erdhein, My name is Lisa AKA Istari Rayne, I too am a mystic and medium, & Ascension Guide. Recently I had been taken to a realm by God Apollo/Goddess Lumina to the temple of illumination where I was brought to the Hall of Wellspring. I was amazed as it is similar in its function to that of the akashic records but different in vibration and construction as it is constructed of Love, ether, and H2O, I am told this is a new place for me to work from where all universal knowledge is found here as well as a gps tracking system much like the midway station in arcturus. I was amazed as the floor was made of water and the screen around me formed a circle also made of water. As I walked into the center with my guides a pillar rose up from the floor. I stood at it like a podium and was shown to type my name and birthdate , I felt the scan of my fingers and figured it accessed my soul signature. As I looked at the screens I began to view my life like a movie in these watery screens, the most high definition I have ever seen. I was shown how by shapeshifting into an electric eel with the light code frequencies I carry, and traveling through waters all around the world much healing will take place. Some mornings I get up n feel like I have been swimming the English channel. I have been structuring my own water for some time with frequencies and plan on making healing waters for clients. I look forward to sharing with you and the group. As soon as I saw the picture , I knew I was in the right place as I am told only certain Goddesses are given access to this realm of consciousness. Looking forward to your reply. Love and Many Blessings, Namaste’ Lisa

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