Fukushima – Radiation – Washing Veggies & Fruits


Fukushima orange

The fundamental reason why the price of nuclear power climbs each day as surely as the rising sun is a straightforward one. Keeping a lid on costs is impossible if the task in hand is keeping the lid on an exploding atomic bomb.

For that is what a nuclear reactor is, a slow motion detonation. That intrinsic danger means that as each new risk to reactors is discovered, more and more expensive measures need to be put in place as mitigation. When accidents happen, as they will over a half century or more of operation, the intrinsic risk of radioactive materials means more money is piled on the bonfire to ensure the risk to the public is limited.

Cleansing fruit and vegetables does make a difference. Studies in Chernobyl contaminated regions have determined that three soaks of the vegetables in distilled water reduced the levels of radionuclides significantly, up to 90%.

(Maia’s note: using KANGEN water is far, far better than dead distilled water. There is a special “strong water” on the machine that draws out from the oily surface of the veggies and fruits, all pesticides and other stuff clinging to it.)

Fukushima is causing devastation of the health of the people all over the world, but the main victims are those in Hawaii, Alaska, BC, Washington State, Oregon, California, and, of course, Japan.

Regarding radionuclides these are as a consequence of the explosion of a nuclear reactor rather than mere radioactive waves, particles. Upon ingestion, these particles pose a danger from auto-radiation. This has been demonstrated in monkey studies, where a mere few particles are enough to cause lung scarification and, ultimately, cancer.

Surveys have demonstrated an increase in the incidence of thyroid disorders, including thyroid cancer, globally, as a result of the increased radiation load. There is a great danger to the people of this earth, since radiation is continuously leaking into the Pacific Ocean and through mist and rain water, therefore, recontaminates the globe.

It is a real issue, which is cause subtle yet definitive damage and increased risk for certain diseases, especially in those areas most subject to the increases in radiation exposure.

Learn also about the fruit and vegetable soak with activated bentonite and more. Such activated bentonite in a spice oil base will reduce the levels of metallic radionuclides in the food. Bentonite binds irreversibly to these noxious, energetic, destructive metallic ions, reducing and/or eliminating their toxicity.  Full Article






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