My Progress With the Water


Since getting my Kangen Water machine, my chronic lifetime health problems have improved dramatically. Officially Enagic states (Kangen)  not to expect any dramatic improvement until you are drinking 9.5 water – at least a gallon a day. I have had my machine for about 2 months and I have gone from 8.5 to (in the last two weeks) 9. I noticed good improvement with the 8.5, but when going up to 9 there was another big leap in improvement. My main health problem is colonic. The bowel irritation is practically non-existent at this time (small bits of it here and there, but mostly gone). My chronic fatigue is greatly improved and my sleep has over-all improved. There are some things that have not yet significantly changed…like the constipation, but this for me is caused largely from what I believe to be either polypops in the colon are a mal-formed gut from birth. The water IS I believe, healing this condition gradually. I have seen signs of it. Not long after I began the 9 strength water, I felt an unusual ache and movement in my colon for about 5 minutes. Then suddenly, something shifted and wow, my gut instantly felt better than it ever had in my memory! This has lasted. So I do believe something untwisted.

When I was on the 8.5 I had an experience that proves my improvement is not simply drinking more water or a placebo effect. One day after lunch I had terrific trapped gas – one of the problems I have had all my adult life – but since drinking the Kangen water had diminished dramatically. I was dis-heartened, as it was a bad case all of a sudden and I was drinking my usual amount of the water. The next morning I decided to drink a whole glass right away. I poured and drank it and then I glanced at the machine and saw….it was set on filtered water only! I realized then, that my neighbor’s teenage son, after filling their water bottles, had not turned it back to 8.5 as I had instructed him to do, but turned it to filtered water only! Now, this machine talks to you and tells you what strength it is set on but I obviously zoned this out and had been NOT drinking the ionized, structured water for about a day….thus the gas attack. I went back to the 8.5 and by the next day all was back on track again in my gut.

I had been drinking the same amount of water (not quite a gallon) and I did not know it wasn’t 8.5. So my improvement is definitely not placebo and for the most part, not better hydration!

I wish to point out that because my colon is my main life-long problem, I am going more slowly with the water than most do. The standard procedure is to up the strength every 2 weeks until you get to 9.5. So I am not even at the level they say you need to be, and still I am receiving much improvement! It is important not to start out with 9.5, as the water causes the toxins to start leaving the body and one can get some kick-back from this if you go too fast. However, it has certainly been do-able for me at the rate I am accelerating and the toxic cleaning episodes are not extreme.

I am truly full of joy that my life is becoming whole and anticipate much more improvement as I continue with the water – especially after I reach 9.5.



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