A Sad Story


Monica tells about a friend of hers who had cancer, drank the water and the tumor started shrinking, but…

Q: what stage cancer and was she really bed-ridden?

It was stage 4 heart cancer. I’m not sure if she was literally bedridden in the sense of being unable to get out of bed at all. When I met her, she was in a recliner and looked pretty out of it. I’m not sure exactly why she couldn’t walk, but I remember the family telling us that she felt so sick that she just didn’t want to get out of bed. I think I remember them saying they had to put her in a wheelchair to get her to her doctor’s appointments. I’m guessing that she probably got tired very easily, with the cancer being in the heart and affecting breathing and heart rate.

Q: How long was she taking water before she stopped drinking it and opted for the experimental treatment?

Only 1 week. My distributor delivered the water to her several times over the course of a week. After just 3 days, she got up and went shopping! The daughter was very excited at the rapid improvement!

She continued to feel better and be active, but she already had a doctor’s appointment scheduled to discuss some sort of experimental treatment. The doctors had told her that she basically had a zero chance of surviving the cancer, so they were offering her the experimental treatment, which ‘might’ give her a chance at survival.

She told them about her improvement with the water. Since most American doctors don’t know about this water, and because they want to control all intake with experimental treatments, they told her to discontinue it. So she quit drinking it.

3) How long did she live once she stopped the water?

Less than a month.

The really sad thing is that her story isn’t unusual. I had another lady who’d just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Her mother got her a machine. Within 3 weeks of drinking the water, the tumor shrunk by half. But of course, she already had the chemo scheduled so she decided to go that route. After the chemo, she thought she was ‘cured’ and went on vacation for 3 weeks, and didn’t drink the water during that time, plus ate a lot of junk food. Shortly after that, she learned that the cancer had spread all over her body, which is no surprise, being that recent studies have proven that chemo makes healthy cells cancerous.

Even then, she tried the water along with alternative treatments, but it was too little too late. I think she would have had a much better chance of survival if she had never gotten the chemo. The tumor had shrunk by half!!! It seems obvious to me that it would have kept on shrinking, but instead of giving it a chance to do that, she opted for the poison instead.

She sounded optimistic last time I talked with her…was still working at a full-time job. But then she got the flu, was vomiting, and went to the hospital for vomiting. While there, they discovered her cancer and sent in hospice. The hospice drugs killed her. She went from working a full-time job to death in 4 weeks.

I’m convinced that it’s the drugs that kill most people, not the cancer itself. How many women would be alive today if they hadn’t gone in for a ‘routine’ mammogram?

It’s just tragic that people put so much faith in barbaric cut/poison/burn ‘treatments’ that they lack the confidence to trust in their body’s ability to heal, even when it’s happening right before their own eyes. I mean hellllloooo if the tumor is shrinking, why not stay with that? But nooooo, they have to do what the doctor tells them because they let the drug industry be their authority.

Having observed these tragic incidents, I have concluded that the water is best suggested as a preventative for cancer, rather than implying that it can cure anything. Yes, I do know people who have been healed from advanced stage cancer. Some did the raw vegan diet also, while others did nothing else – just the water! But these people had a will to live, and weren’t just blindly following doctors’ orders. I have observed that the ones who insist on doing the barbaric cut/poison/burn treatments, then expect the water to save them at the very last minute, have less chance of surviving. It’s because they still don’t grasp the concept that their body must balance, in order to be healed of cancer. They are still looking for that magic pill to save them. Funny how they expect the water to save them when they’re on their deathbed, but they weren’t willing to give it a chance when it had a much better chance of working – when they first learned of their cancer and before they added more poison to an already-overloaded, toxic system.

My advice is to start drinking the water NOW, before getting the diagnosis!!! And if someone already has a diagnosis, seriously consider trying the water and some dietary changes BEFORE letting the doctors poison them and cut away body parts. Surgery also makes the cancer spread! There are MANY resources available for alternative cancer treatments. I consider the water to be the foundation of any healing protocol. The body will have a much better chance when the immune system is intact. Don’t let them destroy the immune system with the poisonous chemo, and then expect it to be able to do its job and heal the body.

If chemo worked, then why do we hear of so many people dying from cancer? It’s sad that people have so much fear, that they are willing to let the doctors give them some experimental treatment…it’s just more poison, making the multi-billion-$$-drug industry richer.

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