Grand Water Trine

The Summer of Love begins with a celestial formation known as a Grand Water Trine which occurs on July 17, 2013. This harmonious triangle of Water-sign planets (Jupiter and Mars in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces) is a building block for a more rare configuration, known as a Star of David, which will form on July 29, 2013 (see Part 2 for more info on the Star of David aka the Grand Sextile)

2013 Grand Water Trine The energies of the Summer 2013 are a “gift to the weary – because we’re all, well, a little weary from the pounding of the cardinal planets.” – Susan Miller.

The cardinal planets … meaning the intense Cardinal Cross that has been shaking the ground under our feet since 2010, with very little let-up. This summer is a bit of a respite for you, and you deserve it.

A trine is an astrological aspect between planets where the planets are at an angle of 120° (1/3 of the 360° ecliptic). The trine aspect indicates harmony and ease of expression, with two elements from the same elemental family (such as water, reinforcing each other. In the birth chart the trine is a source of innate artistic and creative talent. The trine has been traditionally assumed to be extremely beneficial, but it can be a ‘line of least resistance’ and a stumbling block if not utilized properly.

When a large triangle with equally distant sides is formed it is called a Grand Trine, and is comprised of 3 trines occurring together, between the 3 astrological signs of the same element, in this case WATER (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

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